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Animals need to be understood
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   There are many different types of Animal abuse. But, most people don't focus on it. I'm not "most people". I actually want to spread awareness and help. Hopefully "most people" will know about this and help Animals instead of focus on their own race. 
But I think some photographs reach into hearts better than words.


 Stop animal testing - an extra brand of soap on the market isn't worth the suffering that soap causes. Stick with the soaps and shampoos and cleaning products already known to be safe.IM - These companies currently torture animals for their consumers for profit.READ LABELS - BUY CRUELTY FREE - PROCTER & GAMBLE IS THE KING OF RETAIL - BOYCOTT P & G (and tons of others...Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Dial Corp, Clorox - this list is far from complete)If this is true.  This is very disturbing  I will have to start checking my makeup.  I have two cats and this just breaks my heart.


Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Tomorrow, 9/21. Educate yourself on #Puppy Mills and help stop the abuse and neglect.The dog in this image demonstrates the horrible abuse dogs endure in puppy mills.  Showing this image can evoke a sense of sympathy from the audience and persuade them to get involved to help end puppy mills.



Just think of these animals, who live their life in fear, in pain, in CRUELTY. You may not be able to stop fur farms, but you can stop buying from them. Boycott these horrific places. If no one buys from them, they'll go out of business, and the animals can be free.Super Punch: Design Against Fur poster contest - stop animal cruelty, stop animal abuse!this is too true..people who wear fur are assholes and they should be skinned!


save animals from abuse.. stop animal cruelty!ohmyglamorous:    stop human abuse too.Help Stop Animal Abuse and Neglect!! Give the animals hope to carry on.  The animals need all of us now from all angles. Peace, Love, and Happiness to the animals.  TAKE ACTION!!STOP ANIMAL ABUSESTOP animal abuse! They depend on usI stand for Animal RIGHTS! I believe all God's creatures should be treated with respect & compassion. They feel love, feel pain & get hungry. Not all animals can fend for themselves. They depend on us. They don't deserve to be left without food or water, abandoned after you move. Tied to a tree in your back yard until they turn to skin & bones. Put in a Lab & used as guinea pigs, so cosmetics can be tested. Caught in traps. Butchered & slaughtered! Let's stop the insanity! Report all abuse!Stop Animal Abuse!I despise people who are mean to animals..they will all rot, this is why I prefer animals to peopleStop animal abuseAnimal Abuse Awareness Ribbon Poster #animalabuseawareness #stopanimalabuseStop Animal Abuse StickersStop Animal Abuse  I really want to get involved with something like this, i can't stand STUPID IDIOTS who hurt animals.


Don't believe the hype!  If you need to hate someone, hate the people who force dogs to fight.They once were the nanny dogs and now humans hurt them and want them banned? What's wrong with this pictureJust gimmie a chanceThey are not mean dogs; I truly believe that how we raise them is what matters! If we raise them in a fighting ring, they are raised to kill; and their is only one race to blame- humans. We are not bad people. I repeat- WE ARE NOT BAD PEOPLE! It is what we do that makes us bad.


Bucket list: give a shelter pet a loving home.So sad...Thanks to all for repinning to get the word out! Please want a pet before you adopt...So sadkill shelters: stop the cruelty of killing animals and think what if i were them! help me get the president to outlaw kill shelters!Stop animal abuse. Tthis is enough to make me cry. I know the feeling, unfortunately. Help these poor, starved in every emotional & physical way animals. They have no voice to tell us what is WRONG!!!


Ringling Brother's Circus BEATS their ANIMALS. It's a cruel industry of slavery that MUST be stopped. See how here: elephant does this without being abused. BOYCOTT CIRCUS'S THAT USE ANIMAL'S !Stop Animal abuse! I HATE the circuis total garbage to spoil ppls bratty kidsUSDA Ban exotic animals in the circus: Stop abuse of elephants Bull Hook, chains, Tigers, Lions, Zebras Whips.


Record cold temperatures are sweeping large parts of the country, and many animals will suffer as a result. It is a crime - and a felony in some areas - to leave a pet outdoors in extreme weather. Please remember to bring your pets indoors, and if you see an animal left out in the cold, find out what you can do here: cold weather please remember to care for your pets.  They are depending on you.


Google+ Exactly! Stop hunting elephants!No one in the world needs a rhino horn but a rhino. #poaching #rhinos #conservation


Surya Bonaly: Stop the Canadian Seal HuntDisgusting seal skin trade, involving clubbing baby seals to death.Urgent! Time is running out on this important petition which will be delivering to the South African government. Please sign share and tweet. Thank you for your support! spring, thousands of marine animals are put down by the Canadian hunters. It is the biggest hunting expedition across the...


STOP WOLF HUNTING.#Stop the wolf "hunt"!IMAGINE a world run by PSYCHOPATHS Pt I | END Trophy Hunting NOWStop hunting animalsStop the Hunt(5) STOP Trophy Hunting NOW. will this war on animals cease.   Be a real sport and carry a camera, not a gun.Maine has some of the best habitat in the country for black bears. But these intelligent, wild creatures are extremely shy and are rarely seen. So rather than respect nature, vicious sport hunters resort to killing bears with dogs, cruel traps, and piles of food to lure them from safety.“Maine’s Bear Hunt Ban” initiative will eliminate the most egregious forms of bear baiting and trapping, paving the way for us to push for an outright ban on bear hunting later.HELP STOP LION SLAUGHTER IN SOUTH AFRICA! Upwards of 5,000 lions are currently being held in captivity at these farms.This outright slaughter is referred to as “canned hunting”. Lions are taken from their pens to an enclosed area where they have no chance of escape before being shot dead by a "hunter", usually standing safely on the back of a truck. The farms target wealthy trophy-hunters (COWARDS) who will pay big $$$$ for the chance to kill a captive tiger & take a photo with the carcass.And in a sport nobody die! Hunting is one of the many systems through which, throughout history, man has provided the food. A practical necessity. Nothing heroic. Nothing mystical. Sure not a sport. Only a necessary evil, nothing more. Say that hunting is a sport is like comparing killing in self-defense to the mindless madness of a serial killer.HELP STOP CANNED HUNTING (SLAUGHTER) IN SOUTH AFRICA! The HSUS is an outspoken critic of canned hunting. In a statement, the HSUS called canned hunts "cruel and brutal activities," in which the hunted animal has "absolutely no chance of escape." Some hunting groups, especially those who focus on hunters' ethics, also object to canned hunting.  ENOUGH!  PLZ Sign  Share Widely to Help STOP THIS VILE INDUSTRY!


 STOP the SLAUGHTER! #Boycott Japan & Sign Petition


Rodeos give free license to cowards to abuse baby calves. Is it so hard to think for a minute how you would feel and react if, say a gorilla, was "playing" like that with your own child?! Calves experience pain and fear just the same way as human children do.They have souls, and hearts, and feel pain, just as real as we do. Help stope abuse!Some of the statistics regarding animal cruelty and the forms it takes. What makes a person do these things? I just can't understand the sickness.....VoiceI swear, if I meet someone who likes hurting animals I will hurt them and take the animal awayNeglect IS Abuse -- STOP Animal Abuse!!!  If you see it- REPORT IT !!! you could save a life !STOP ANIMAL ABUSE NOW!true- not all of us have abs of steel tho...This is a big difference; Although this doesn't even mention all the positive environmental differences that going vegan can mean for the planet (saves water, cuts down on green house gas emissions, etc.)I really do!!! I would give anything to be rich so that I could take in every animal known to man. I would! I would save them all & I would try to put a stop in animal abuse. My life dream is rescue all of God's creatures & take care of them like I know I can.I will fight for you till my dying day - and hopefully the legacy I leave behind will be of the kind of magnitude that will make sure you are fought hard for long after me as wellTHE BEGINNING OF THE DOG MEAT FESTIVAL COMING SOON #yulingetdogsoffthemenu MAKE IT STOP~I am  told I am one of the most compassionate people,that is why I choose to go vegan...against the laughs,comments,sneers and jokes I endure,I don't really care, I will shout it from mountain tops,and I will always advocate for the rights of animalsAnimals have feelings too -  Please go Vegan  #friendsnotfood #veganHow will these animals get help?'s not right. We have to be the righteous voice for animals. Please stop the abuse.HELP STOP THE SOURCE OF WILDLIFE SLAUGHTER-DEMAND!  Tell The European Commission: Ban the import of animal trophies into EU Member States. PLZ SIGN  SHARE! RIGHTS! Anyone whose passionate about animal rights I admire completely!pinner's words of wisdom: no, we don't need to eat meat, no we don't need to experiment on animals, no we don't need their fur or skin, no, the world will not become over run by critters. Adopt a pet! Support an animal rescue farm! Reduce (or stop) eating animal foods, and eat more veggies!SPEAK OUT! Killing Contests Don't Belong on America's Public Lands! Though the BLM and Forest Service are responsible for protecting the health and integrity of our public lands, those agencies are aiding and abetting the bloodshed. Tell them to stop bowing to anti-wildlife extremists and instead to protect our native carnivores. PLZ SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY!


Seriously, things like this make me cry. Check out the link and read ALL the wonderful stories..I love animals so muchAnimal Abuse ~ Luke is a beautiful compassionate teen boy for his act of bravery!STOP Craigslist from Advertising Animals.Save a life, make a differenceSave a dog, dogs are family

Orphaned Baby Rhino Can't Sleep Alone After Watching His Mother Get Killed by Poachers<---A baby orphan rhino cannot sleep alone after watching his mother get killed by poachers.



against animal cruelty ribbon | Knysna-Plett Herald | Take a stand against animal cruelty


Become a vegetarian/vegan.
If still in school, create a Animal rights club and/or host a fundraiser to help Animals anywhere.
When looking for a new pet, rescue a shelter Animal.
Work in the Animal field.
Don't buy products tested on animals.
Don't buy real animal fur clothes.
Don't buy leather (cow skin).
Sign the petitions below


STOP Gezira Club Cat Extermination:…
Save a Spanish Greyhound:…




Have a question about animal abuse? Or just about animals in general? Feel free to send me a note or leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer! Note that I'll ask to feature your question here. 


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Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Animals Matter to Me Stamp by votrereine Adopt A Dog Stamp by cloudrat Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl I Support Animal Rights Stamp by devildoll I Like Animals Better Stamp by TheRealMorticon environment stamp by environment Stop Animal Abuse Stamp by pillze69 .:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf Animal Rights Stamps by AACA I support animal rights by stamps-club Save The Animals by MiaCherri Help End Dolphin Slaughter by VexVamp Help Stop Animal Cruelty-Stamp by sierramedellin Animals have emotions. by Fellmekke Help Us by Sariels-Hope Not tested on animals by bnext .:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf I Support Pit Bulls stamp by zelos22 anti-Michael Vick stamp by zelos22 I HATE ANIMAL KILLERS stamp by luckylooke Snakes Stamp by pillze69 I love nature stamp by luckylooke Animal Rights Stamp by sandeyes13 NO animal go Hungry STAMP by Aestivall Help save an animal... by Big-Argonian Stamp: Say NO to Whaling by Zyrra-Chylde-Aisha Animal cruelty is wrong STAMP by Winered-Angel stop animal abuse by meramaya89 Stop Animal Abuse by gabywhite Adopt a shelter animal stamp by Dreamcasts Animals have souls. by Fellmekke No animal is stupid. by Fellmekke I take care because I have a heart. by Fellmekke Zoos are cruel. by Fellmekke And you say you love animals by Little-rolling-bean Lets just torture cats to save cows! by Little-rolling-bean Animals Have Souls by Wolf-of-Samhain Animals are Cuter Stamp by SillyEwe Animals by CinnFreak Deed Not Breed by CanisEnthusiast DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 01 by tppgraphics Adopt an older pet by yumi-honamaru Adopt Stamp by RejectAll-American Adopt a homeless puppy stamp by analage Endangered species by Fellmekke Whales in Captivity stamp by Seolhe Animals and People. by Fellmekke We are not Trophies stamp by AzureHowlShilach Trophy Hunting by HiddenxWolf Stop Animal Testing Stamp by wiht Puppy mills stamp by ILTBY BLAG Stamp - Slaughter by Ionosphere-Negate Right from wrong. by Fellmekke I love Animals by WishmasterAlchemist Animals don't judge you. by Little-rolling-bean Your bullying won't make me stop defending animals by Galaxu No animals should be expoited by Galaxu
If animals are all that you care about, join my group: :iconthinkmoreofanimals:

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