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Animals need to be understood
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We all love cats. And cats are pretty neat animals. And who can forget kittens??? So, to get a better understanding of kittens and cats, let's learn about them!

First, let's start with the original idea: Kittens!
...As in baby cat kitten.

1. Well, we all thought a group of kittens is a litter, but a group of kittens is actually called a kindle.
2. Kittens can start dreaming after they are a week old.

Bonus: Cats!
...As in the general everyday house cats.

1. We learned earlier that a group of kittens is called a kindle, but a group of cats is a clowder. 
2. Unlike humans, cats can drink salt/sea water. Their kidneys can filter out the salt, which is something the human kidney cannot do.
3. A Munchkin cat is like a Corgi in cat form. Which is basically that.
4. Sweet things aren't up a cat's alley. They can't taste sugar.
5. Like a human fingerprint, a cat's nose-print is never the same to another cat's nose-print.
6. Cats cannot see under their nose.
7. Like humans, cats are either left or right pawed. Male cats usually prefer left paws while female cats like right paws better.
8. Female cats are called "queens", males are called "toms".
9. Cats can sweat. But, only through the paw pads.
10. Cats have over 100 different vocal noises.
11. When a cat's tail vibrates, it is excited to see you.
12. In Talkeena, Alaska, a cat named Stubbs was the mayor for 15 years. 
13. In Mexico City, 2013, a cat also ran for mayor. No, it's not Stubbs.
14. The question of everyone's minds: Why are cat's tongues so scratchy? To help grip and tear food. Consider question officially answered.
15. Have a cat? Excellent move, that choice lowered your chances of getting a stroke and heart attack.
16. A cat purrs when it is content, healing, or nervous.
17. Cats meow only to communicate with humans. So, if you have more than one cat and it meows, it's not talking to the other cat, it's always talking to you.
18. Most cats are lactose-intolerant. 
19. A cat's brain is much more advanced than a dogs' and very similar to the human brain.
20. When cats don't cover up their droppings, it means it is not afraid of you. 
21. Cat's can move their ears independently from the other and move 180 degrees.
22. So, in the U.S. of A, black cats are bad luck. The United Kingdom and Australia disagree, they think black cats are good luck. 
23. When a cat headbutts you, it mean's it trusts you.



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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I like helping animals.
However, I like learning about the world, and foreign languages around the world.
I'm working on becoming fluent in different languages. It's a work in progress.
My languages:
1st: American English, as you can see.
2nd: Japanese (I tried but I'm not learning it anymore)
3rd: German, taking classes for it.
4th: Norwegian, working my butt off to be fluent.
Hopefully making my 5th language Swedish (I have a lot of languages I want to learn, but Swedish is my next target language).
I work hard learning languages, as you can see. I love to learn, so language learning is perfect for me.
Why am I so interested in learning languages?
1. Well, I wish to travel around the world some day, and I think it's silly not going to a foreign country not knowing the language(s), unless if you have a tour guide, but I think it'll be more fun and more memorable if you know the language, so you know what going on and knowing what you're doing, if you know what I mean. 2. I love to learn.

I also love to listen to music while learning languages. The reason for this is, music actually helps the brain in many ways, music can help memory.

I also love animals, but you figured that out already.

I respect all countries and all nationalities.

If you have a mean thought, PLEASE keep it to yourself. I do not like mean comments anywhere. I DO NOT want to hear your mean thought, and probably no one else wants to hear it, either. No one likes a mean people. In conclusion, please keep your mean thoughts to yourself.
And, also, please, if your going to comment, please spell things out and spell correctly and use correct punctuation. I really don't like spending time trying to figure out what you are trying to tell me because you can't spell simple words, or put punctuation in the right places. I'm pretty sure you were and are required to take a English class in middle and high school, and you learned punctuation and how to spell in second grade. English isn't a hard language, guys. So, please spell and punctuate correctly.

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i know you care about animals but do not support peta.
just a reminder, peta euthanises animals that are really sick and have no homes for them.
the peta kills animals website was made up by center for customer freedom which was made up by KFC, outback steakhouse, mcdonalds, and philip wallen who kill millions of innocent animals each year.

please, for more information, go to

keep up the good work 
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